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Not everyone likes hair on their body and we like to remove it. We use two types of wax within our salon Strip wax and hot wax. Please make sure when booking that you specify which you would prefer.

Please note at certain times of the month a woman can be more sensitive. Waxing during pregnancy is perfectly fine, please be aware you can have prickle bleeding due to excessive hormones, but we will do our best to make you feel comfortable. We do not recommend waxing after exercise or swimming as this increases the rate in which the blood flows around the body. General sweating and whether can also effect how the wax adheres. We recommend half a grain of rices length for a more consistent wax, without the need of excessive tweezing or without causing clumping. Loose clothing to avoid any friction burns and no sunbathing or hot showers for 24 hours after.

-Hollywood/Brazilian Waxing 18+ ONLY -

Strip Wax

Treatments 1 course 6 course
½ Leg Wax £28.00 £140.00
½ Leg + Inner Thigh £32.00 £160.00
Full Leg Wax £39.00 £195.00
Basic Bikini £22.00 £110.00
High Bikini £24.00 £120.00
Buttocks £13.50 £67.50
Brazillian £33.00 £165.00
Hollywood £38.00 £190.00
Brazillian + ½ Leg £56.00 £280.00
Hollywood + ½ leg £61.00 £305.00
Brazillian + Full Leg £67.00 £335.00
Hollywood + Full Leg £72.00 £315.00
Under Arms £12.50 £62.50
½ Arm Wax £22.00 £110.00
Full Arm £28.00 £140.00
Full Back + Tops of Shoulders £29.00 £145.00
Chest £26.00 £130.00
Lip + Chin £12.50 £62.50
Eyebrow Wax & Shape £12.50 £62.50

 Hot Wax - Cirepil By Perron Rigot

Perron Rigot is a French Brand known for its high-quality waxes. Many hot waxes are brittle and snap upon removal, Perron Rigot shrink wraps around the wax to enable a better removal.

Hot wax is not recommended for fine hair as it struggles to grip. So it makes it perfect for thick course hair.

Treatments 1 course 6 course
Basic Bikini £23.00 £115.00
High Bikini £25.00 £125.00
Brazillian £38.00 £190.00
Hollywood £43.00 £215.00
Under Arms £14.00 £70.00
Ears £12.50 £62.50
Nose £12.50 £62.50
Side Burns £12.50 £62.50

Contraindications to any waxing treatment

Please see below for any contraindications that may affect your treatment.

  • Any infections of the area to be waxed
  • Sunburn
  • Any operations within the last year that haven't healed or with fresh scar tissue.
  • Varicose veins/broken capillaries on the legs
  • Diabetes if loss of sensitivity
  • Unidentified Lumps, breast feeding and mastitis with an underarm wax.
  • Genital warts/thrush