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Massage has been used for hundreds of years to aid emotional and physical stress, fatigue, insomnia and general aches and pains. As time has progressed massage has also been used as a treat. With our heated bed and a warm mitts to remove the excess oil we aim to give your body a treat as well as help. If you prefer a more indulgent full treat, please feel free to have a look at our Thalgo treatments.

Massage 1 course 6 course
Full Body Massage £70.00 £350.00
Aromaceane Massage £70.00 £350.00
Full Back Of Body Massage £60.00 £300.00
Back Massage £40.00 £200.00
Foot/Leg Massage £25.00 £125.00


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stones are fantastic for warming up tight, sore muscles but also fantastic at increasing circulation to an area and inducing relaxation. Effleurage movements and stone placement create repetitive movements that will relax the mind as well. The stones act as an extension of the therapist hands enabling them to work deeper on an area, usually without increasing the amount of pressure used.

Massage 1 course 6 course
Full Body Hot Stone Massage £80.00 £375.00
Full Back Of Body Hot Stone Massage £70.00 £325.00
Hot Stone Back Massage £50.00 £225.00
Hot Stone Leg Massage £35.00 £175.00

 Aquatherapy/Pregnanacy Massage

Massage 1 course 6 course
60 Minute Massage £70.00 £350.00
30 Minute Massage £40.00 £200.00


Like any body treatment we still need to be careful of your general well being. Listed below are some contra-indications that will prevent us preforming a massage treatment.

  • Broken/fractured Bones
  • Recent operations/injury's and scar tissue (Scar Tissue needs 6-12 months to heel before we can massage near or around the area)
  • Any Lymphatic disorders
  • Undergoing cancer treatment
  • Undiagnosed Swelling
  • Any contagious Skin Conditions
  • Feeling unwell, colds, flu. Especially in the early stages as this can force the bug or virus around the body at a faster pace.
  • Unstable epilepsy/diabetes
  • DVT
  • Severe Migraine

We will also need you to take into consideration any medication you may be taking. We advise that medication is taken at least 2 hours before or after your treatment. This is due to massage speeding up your circulation and can potentially effect the medication and make you feel sick.