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Voya - Mindful Dreams, Sleep Ritual

Mindful Dreams is a treatment that offers a heightened sense of relaxation. This lavender infused massage is a wonderful way of encouraging a good nights sleep. The soothing properties of the products combined with cultural massage and meditation techniques aids a peaceful mind.

This treatment is perfect at the end of a hard day or shift so that you can pop into bed the moment you get home.

  • Per treatment: £70.00
  • Course of 6: £350.00

Voya - Organic Muslin Bag

If you are someone who likes a hot stone massage, then this maybe a treatment to try. Orange, ginger, clove and Fucus Serratus seaweed is combined in a muslin bag and used to massage the body. As the muslin bag is massaged over the body the nourishing gel produced by the Fucus Serratus seaweed is released to help hydrate the body while relaxing. 

  • Per treatment: £90.00
  • Course of 6: £450.00

Voya - Voyager Massage Journey

A complete top to toe relaxation journey, incorporating scalp massage, face massage, body massage and a few stretches here and there. Each treatment can be tailored to your needs so upon booking please let us know of your chosen oil. 

Choose from :

  • Angelicus Serratus - Uplifting (Fucus Serratus, Rosehip Oil, Evening Primrose and Mandarin)
  • Mindful Moments - Relax (Himanthalia Elongata, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Evening Primrose and Lavender)
  • Serengerise - Muscle (Laminaria Digitata, Rosehip Oil, Ginger, Bergamot and May Chang
  • Per treatment: £70.00
  • Course of 6: £350.00


As much as we would like everyone to enjoy VOYA's lovely body treatments, unfortunately, due to the active nature of some of the products, ingredients and movements some medical conditions are contraindicated.

All Body Scrubs

  • Seafood/Shellfish allergies
  • Overactive Thyroid
  • Allergy to Iodine

The following conditions can have the treatment if cleared by their medical practitioner in writing that will need to be kept with your consultation card at Customised Beauty.

  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes/Epilepsy 


The full body care range is available in store. Even though we do not stock their skin care products we can order them in for you, but please be advised we take payment up front.