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Thalgo Body Treatment

Thalgo is a family run brand that has affinity with the sea which means their products are rich in vitamins and minerals. Thalgo body treatments are perfect to help reduce water retention, muscular fatigue and remineralise the body. Their leading product Micronized Marine Algae was awarded a medical patent in 1966 and in prescribed by doctors across France. Algae act like little sponges that absorb minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are found within sea water. Due to their structure they concentrate the nutrient elements allowing the body to be able to absorb than they would from a plant based product.

Algae Contain:

  • 1000 times more iodine than a land plant
  • 10 times more magnesium than a land plant
  • 10-20 times more calcium than milk
  • 20 times more vitamins than a land plant

Here at Customised Beauty we utilise this algae in many forms in the treatments below as well as other Thalgo technologies.