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Dermal Fillers


Voya - Organic Luscious Salt Glow

A full body dead sea salt scrub, infused with organic seaweed oil to help to hydrate the skin and remove dead skin cells. Leaving the skin looking firmer, brighter and able to effectively absorb product. Will aid in circulation and removal of excess toxins by stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory system.  

This full body Salt Scrub is followed by an application of Softly Does It Hydrating Body Cream. It can also be added on to the start of a massage to help with aching and tired muscles. Due to the salt and oil mix we do NOT recommend this treatment before a fake tan application.

  • Per treatment: £50.00
  • Course of 6: £250.00

Voya - Organic Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Glow

With the mix of lavender oil, seaweed and sugar, not only are you removing dead skin cells, aiding circulation and skin texture you are also trying to help soften the mind. Lavender for many people can induce relaxation and help induce sleep. This is a perfect treatment for the evening to follow an application of Softly Does It Hydrating Body Cream and a snuggle in bed or a massage.

  • Per treatment: £50.00
  • Course of 6: £250.00

Voya - Organic Peppermint and Seaweed Sugar Glow

This refreshing full body exfoliation treatment awakens the skin and body. The mix of peppermint leaf, seaweed and sugar not only removed dead skin cells and aid in circulation and the absorption of product but the scent of the peppermint leaf mixed with the vigorous action of the body scrub wakes up the body and mind. 

This is a very good scrub for people wanting to wake up tired muscles or who struggle with fatigue.

  • Per treatment: £50.00
  • Course of 6: £250.00

Voya - Organic Hydrating Body Scrub

This is a lathering body exfoliation with very finely ground walnut shells, seaweed and ginger extract. This is a great exfoliant for rough and lifeless skin as well as a great prep for fake tan or holiday. This is followed with an application of body cream.

  • Per treatment: £50.00
  • Course of 6: £250.00

Voya - Organic Stimulating Seaweed Body Buff

Brilliant for tired, dry and dull skin. Bladderwrack seaweed (fucus vesiculosus) is rich in anti-oxidants, when combined with VOYA's signature massage oil it creates a thick rich body buff that is helping to nourish the skin while sloughing off dead skin cells.   

  • Per treatment: £50.00
  • Course of 6: £250.00


As much as we would like everyone to enjoy VOYA's lovely body treatments, unfortunately, due to the active nature of some of the products, ingredients and movements some medical conditions are contraindicated.

All Body Scrubs

  • Seafood/Shellfish allergies
  • Overactive Thyroid
  • Allergy to Iodine

The following conditions can have the treatment if cleared by their medical practitioner in writing that will need to be kept with your consultation card at Customised Beauty.

  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes/Epilepsy 


The full body care range is available in store. Even though we do not stock their skin care products we can order them in for you, but please be advised we take payment up front.