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Footlogix Treatments




Manicure/Pedicure 1 course 6 course
Footlogix Pedicure £36.00 £180.00
Footlogix Gel Pedicure £41.00 £205.00
Footlogix Express Pedicure £26.00 £115.00
Footlogix Express Gel Pedicure £31.00 £155.00
Footlogix Maintanance Pedicure (No Polish) £33.00 £165.00

 *Unfortunately we will only remove gel applied in our salon. This is due to different formulas needing different strengths of acetone to remove them.

Contraindications to treatment

There is nothing better than being proud of your hands and feet but there are some conditions that are contagious and we cannot treat. If you have any of the following conditions we would recommend a Chiropodist or podiatrists to aid with the issue.

  • Ringworm of the hands
  • Athletes Foot (Ringworm of the foot)
  • Paronychia (redness, swelling and tenderness around the nail fold due to bacterial infection)
  • Whitlows (small abscesses on the skin around the nail)
  • Onychia (inflammation of the nails matrix, usually accompanied by pus)
  • Verrucas
  • Warts
  • Ingrowing Nails