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Information For Your Visit to Customised Beauty


Online Booking and our Website will be closed for the next few hours while we update our pricing structure.



There are some important changes I need to inform you all about. Covid 19 has thrown up some interesting obstacles specific to the beauty industry. Some of them we have noticed ourselves. This has led to our governing bodies to change how our industry operates.  


This is the main area that affects us where Covid 19 and where regulations are changing. 

All patch tests must be re-done before any tinting can go ahead. This is due to an increase of reactions that has occurred in clients who have had Covid 19. As 1 in 5 people can be A Symptomatic the whole industry has demanded retesting. This has also had a knock on effect to subsequent retesting to every 6 months instead of yearly. 

~ Covid 19 Vaccinations ~ Our industry’s governing body has also released guidelines for testing and treatment with tinting and the Covid 19 vaccinations. You cannot be tinted within two weeks post (after) vaccination. You will all so need to be re-tested after being vaccinated. This means we will need to keep a recorded of any vaccinations (if you choose to be vaccinated) to make sure we are following industry guidelines for patch testing.  


The same as tinting and vaccinations. All patch tests will need to be repeated and will have to wait 2 weeks before any testing or treatment.  



Upon Visiting

To allow everyone to enjoy their visit with us, we ask that people kindly pay attention to the information below. Some things can seem a little harsh sometimes e.g our cancellation policy, but we are a business and as such several people calling to cancel on the day when we may have already turned others away is the difference between a business succeeding and failing. But it also makes the experience enjoyable. It is nice to have the time to offer a drink and allow you your few minutes peace from the world instead of rush rush rush. So we hope you understand, and we look forward to meeting you.

On arrival

Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment so that we can fill out the necessary forms or update them. This will also give us a chance to offer refreshments and to give you the opportunity to take a moment to relax before your treatment begins.

Late arrivals

Please be prompt for your appointment. If you arrive late we will do our best to fulfil your full treatment, but to avoid disruption to other clients, your treatment will finish at the original time and the full price of the treatment will be charged.

Cancellation policy

At Customised beauty we require that if our clients are unable to make an appointment, that they kindly give us 24hours notice so that we have the opportunity to refill the space. If we are not given sufficient notice we will have to charge a cancellation fee. This will be 50% of the cost of treatment. This makes a massive difference to small business staying open.

Booking fee

If a client makes an appointment online a booking fee is taken to reserve your space. If the treatment is cancelled 24 hours before, that booking fee is refunded. If a client fails to show for an appointment, 50% of the cost of the treatment is automatically charged. If a client continues to no show for an appointment booked over the phone and does not give us 24hours notice we will have to charge a £10.00 booking fee

Consultation Card

Upon your first visit, you will be asked to fill in a detailed consultation card, this will include your medical history, medications and allergies. Please complete all sections fully, even if it doesn’t seem relevant, some conditions and medications can have an effect on treatments. We will also require you to update this form, if there are any changes to your health, medication or trying to or have become pregnant.

Age Of Consent

We are happy to treat people of all ages but anyone under the age of 16 needs to be accompanied by a parental guardian. They need to sign the consent from and remain on the premises through out the treatment. We do not preform Hollywoods and Brazillians on anyone under the age of 18.


Some treatments require specific clothing or foot wear. We have detailed this information under the treatment heading. So that we are not overloading you with information here.


Here at Customised Beauty we like to try and make it a little easier with our Gift Vouchers.

Our gift vouchers can be used on products or treatments and can be for any amount when purchased in store.

Our Gift Cards are coded to each person and can also be used as a top up card when you are saving for a special event.

Our gift Vouchers do not have an expiry date* unless they have been won in a raffle. Raffle prizes can not be extended past their used by date.

*Normal vouchers can be used up until the time Customised Beauty stops trading.

All Vouchers are non-refundable